Greetings Everyone,

I am 27 years old, married with three beautiful children. Growing up in an environment where I was taught to hold what I really feel on the inside allowed me to express everything in the form of writing. I began writing poetry in middle school, I began to write music in 2005 and now I would like to share real life experiences to others as well as connect with others to discuss things of love, marriage, being a mother, honor, how to value ourselves and others, the importance of why we should get what we really feel on the inside off of our chest, and to encourage others and be encouraged (it’s not one sided) that there is truly a solution, an unfailing solution that will not only benefit our life on the inside but a solution that will benefit health to our body, birth healthy relationships, and wealth in our our pockets $$. Most relationships fail because of these things so in order to change it and increase in life we must get to the root of what the real issue is. I am open to share my REAL Life experiences I am not ashamed, I’ve lost the desire to care about what others think of me because in one area or another everyone has a deep secret or something they are struggling with and the focus is not to accuse or condemn one another but the focus is to share real life situations that we were (or are) going through and what was (or is) the solution as to how we overcame it. Now I don’t expect anyone to post things they’re not ready to share publicly to the world so you may send me a message to juanitacunn@gmail.com.

I welcome you to read my blogs and leave your comments and I am open to read and comment on your blogs as well.

Continued Blessings and Success!!!!


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