How to get pregnant

When I was 22 years old I wanted to have children with my spouse and I could not get pregnant. We tried for three years and I could never conceive. So my spouse told me that maybe it’s just not time for us to have kids right now, but it was hard for me to receive that at the time because in my mind I’m thinking people are having babies all of the time so why can’t I have any?

Well there were several reasons as to why, 1.) It was not the right time. 2.) I was not in the right location spiritually or physically. 3.) It was curses in my bloodline that I was unaware of. Until one day my spiritual father came to me and told me that I needed to be delivered from evil spirits that were blocking me from being able to conceive. Before he laid hands on me I had a dream and God showed me that there were three things blocking me so when he laid hands on me he confirmed what God had showed me the night before.

Then one day (on a thanksgiving night) all of the mothers prayed for me to have babies and that God would open my womb. A few months went by and I was still waiting to conceive a child.

Then finally one day I went to help the Pastor and his staff pack up and move their business and all of a sudden I was very sensitive to the smell of grease. Then someone says to me “well you know what that means?” So then I thought about what they said for a moment but then I continued to work. Then when it was time for me to help move heavy objects someone else says to me “no we got it you don’t need to lift this because you’re suppose to have babies” I said okay this must mean something. While I was standing in their kitchen my spiritual father walks in and he tells me to come here. So I went to him and he says to me “God is going to restore you, I see your kids in fact I see 2 of your kids, he said everything that was taken or lost will be restored. Then he laid hands on my belly and I felt the power of God move in my belly. I felt great after receiving that word.

As I was waiting for a whole month to take a pregnancy test I had dreams of seeing myself pregnant. I continued to speak it into the atmosphere and meditate on seeing myself pregnant. I just continued to believe in God and what he said through the man of God. I was so excited that I told a family member thinking they would be happy for me they said to me “Oh whatever you’re not pregnant” I knew then at that moment that I would never speak to them again concerning that word. So I ignored all of their calls as I waited to take my pregnancy test.

Then finally a month went by and my cycle never came so I went to the store to purchase the test. When I took the test the results were positive!! I am so grateful for my boys. Today they are 2 and 3 years old. God performed a miracle in my life. He made the impossible possible.

Now before when I could not conceive I didn’t believe in all of the different methods to fertilize my egg. I believed that my babies should come naturally and it was a blessing to wait on God and his timing because every sacrifice I made and are making to change daily allows my children to have a better childhood than I did. We must first be led by God in all we do because when he creates the miracle in your life he knows how, when and what to do. We just need to trust him.

If you are trying to conceive please seek Jesus and ask him what to do. Seeds were sown before I was able to have children and at that time I didn’t even know that it was considered a seed. When my husband and I were married I loved his son and his nephew like they were my own kids. I was raising two boys the best way I knew how and later on God gave me 2 boys of my own. (He restored me!!). So I had to take care of someone else first and love them in order to reap a harvest. It was new for me because I had no experience whatsoever on how to be a mother. I was 21 when I got married and I spent most of my time in sports growing up. I barely knew how to cook to be honest.

As you notice during the time that I was helping the Pastor with their business the people around me believed that I would conceive before he laid hands on me. After I receive that word I went to someone that was familiar in my bloodline to tell them and they spoke against that word I just received (the evil spirit in them) and I had to cut off the negativity until I received the harvest of conception.

So it’s very important that we pay attention to our surroundings,  a lot of times in order to go higher in life you must separate yourself from any negative thing that just don’t understand what you’re believing God for. It doesn’t matter how the situation looks please know that God forgave us of all our sins so if he says it, believe in his word and follow what he tells you to do and you can’t fail. He heals internally, externally, spiritually and financially.

Continue to love them and don’t hold it against them but our dreams and desires to prosper must be a personal choice. So if you really want to conceive babies sow a seed into good ground and believe God for the harvest and I believe that he can do it if you follow his instructions, be led by the Holy spirit and not by the flesh.

Be Encouraged Nothing is Impossible with God!!!!

The is my first born when he was a baby!!! I love this picture of him!!!


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